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Calcutta Boys' School

Calcutta Boys' School  

High above the city atop the Entally-Moulali-Taltolla airway is a piece of sky which is special. If you are a keen observer you will hear notes and strains of learning, laughter and love swirling in the air. As you circle down you can see the Waverley Mansions. Tens of thousand of boys here are avid supporters of the Henderson Laidlaw, Thoburn and Warne house. Further down below you see the imposing Renfrew house and the school building. The whiff of the Hydrogen Sulphide from the Chemistry laboratory, the chant of Shakespeare’s best plays and the intricacies of integration and differentiation are all here.

You have arrived at Calcutta Boys’ School.

To know more about the school and it’s times we have it all captured in the Happy connecting!

Executive Committee of CBSOBA


The Calcutta Boys' School was founded by the Rev. James Mills Thoburn (Methodist Missionary to India, and later Missionary Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church), and was opened in 1877. It was endowed by the late Robert Laidlaw and others interested in the education of the sons of the Anglo-Indian and domiciled European community.

The Calcutta Boys' School Old Boys Association (CBSOBA) was originally formed in 1936. It was reborn in 1989 under the present committee.

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